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Camera gear for fashion studio photography

Joseph D. Tran made this video for beginers in studio fashion photography.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/josephdtran/

Are you a photographer or videographer who shoot with studio lights?

Flash Mates are looking for Behind the Scenes video contents.

If you have a spare time to shoot short BTS video while you having a photoshoot, we are more than happy to share it with our Followers.

Best videos will be featured and shared here on the website and on Instagram, front of our 150 000 + followers.

We help you to get discovered, send us a mail with a linkto your portfolio/Ig profile to editor@flashmates.net


The art of photography

It is not about money or ambitions. It is not about challenge or self-esteem. You take photos because this is the only way to reveal beauty, both obvious and hidden. Every time you see stunning beauty of this world, you simply cannot pass by. You want to put this image into amber and save it for ages, for all the generations yet to come. This is an exceptional way to freeze the time. To let the memories live forever. To let beauty fill our hearts. Fill them up to the brim.
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The attraction of the eyes

Among all the possible kinds of photography, portrait photo is what attracts me the most. You can see the beauty of a person, you can read the whole life in their eyes, you can try to imagine who they are, what are they doing, how do they start their morning, where do they live, and what is like their future. Portrait of a person is like an ancient book you want to decipher. It has the whole world inside, and to see this world you need to find a special key.
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