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How to shoot model portfolio

In this video, Joseph D Tran goes over his process and approach to shooting a model's portfolio in studio.

This video is aimed at professional photographers who are looking to build their portfolio or have been hired by a model to shoot their portfolio for an agency.

Joseph will cover mood boards, styling, shooting equipment, and some tips on lighting.


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I love how Scott Choucino explaining the secrets of a photoshoot.

The technics that he talks about making the situation more interesting especially because it is about commercial photography.

How they are using fake ice cubes or how the glasses were lit on the most famous advert images and also you can see the lighting setups

and some post productions.

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Boudoir posing tips

Glad to announce that we have teamed up with the incredible Josie Fox.

Josie is an elite posing coach, modeling since 2004 and in 2016 she started to play with the camera and lights, presenting her style with her outstanding portfolio.

With her experience she knows how to pose your models and also teaching models how to gain that killer look.

From now and then we will share short posing videos what is benefical to models and photographers too.


Her website

Her Instagram

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Beauty photography lighting setup


Kayleigh June is an Australian fashion photographer. She will show you her favorite beauty lighting setup in the studio. 
Do not expect something 4-6 lighting setup this time, you will see a killer one light  behind the scenes tutorial with diagram. 

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How to: Surreal portraits with gels.


Color gels are in focus in the photography industry and it isn't difficult to use in your studio, just get some color gels and start play with your lights and surly you will have some amazing images. PH Daniel Sanchez sent this short video tutorial about his latest photo shoot with the actor Aaron Della Villa.

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1 or 2 lights, simple creative portraits


I was looking for some simple, easy to create portrait setups to share with you guys as you know, I mostly share unusual and more difficult lighting bts  photos/videos on Instagram.
It's short, less than 7 minutes, no excuse to miss it.
In this video Elaine Torres Puerto Rican born Los Angeles photographer will show you how to play with one or two lights to create simple portraits.

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Camera gear for fashion studio photography

Joseph D. Tran made this video for beginers in studio fashion photography.


The art of photography

It is not about money or ambitions. It is not about challenge or self-esteem. You take photos because this is the only way to reveal beauty, both obvious and hidden. Every time you see stunning beauty of this world, you simply cannot pass by. You…
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The attraction of the eyes

Among all the possible kinds of photography, portrait photo is what attracts me the most. You can see the beauty of a person, you can read the whole life in their eyes, you can try to imagine who they are, what are they doing, how do they start…
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Are you a photographer or videographer who shoot with studio lights?

Flash Mates are looking for Behind the Scenes video contents.

If you have a spare time to shoot short BTS video while you having a photoshoot, we are more than happy to share it with our Followers.

Best videos will be featured and shared here on the website and on Instagram, front of our 150 000 + followers.

We help you to get discovered, send us a mail with a linkto your portfolio/Ig profile to